Welcome to the Welsh Special Treats website.

We are pleased to be able to offer for sale again our wonderful selection of home-made preserves.

Our aim is to provide high quality, full flavoured preserves with minimum ingredients for maximum taste at an affordable price.

All of our products are home made in small batches using traditional
methods in our specially designed separate kitchen in Gower.

We use only the finest quality ingredients, home grown or locally
sourced wherever possible to ensure that “home-made taste” is
maintained. The ingredients used are as free from artificial colouring
and flavourings as possible to aid the retention of flavour and freshness.

Our products

Jams – one of the most versatile preserves, jams are great used as sandwich fillers, topping for a wide variety of puddings and a wonderful filling for cakes.

Marmalades – Using only carefully selected citrus fruits. Zingy on the tongue for toast but equally as useful as a glaze.  Just coat your meats as you nearly finish cooking (2/3 of the way through) to add an interesting flavoured glaze.

Chutneys – Slow cooking allow truly intriguing flavours in our chutneys. These versatile condiments are superb to accompany all cold meats and cheeses.  Spread them on bread or savoury biscuits or to enliven your sandwiches and snacks.  They also make for a very tasty and unusual dips to savour with an aperitif.  Each of our chutneys possess their very own exciting flavours from hot to not so hot!

Jellies – Our sparkling fruit jellies make a good alternative to jam  spread on toast, spooned over deserts, melted for use as a glaze, for sweetening up your yoghurts or just out of the jar and onto your meat platters.

Please be aware that we use nuts in our kitchen and no product not containing nuts can be 100% guaranteed not to contain nut traces.

Our awards

Welsh Special Treats was established in 2006 with the intention of supporting local Farmers Markets, local shops and food fairs which we did until 2012 when a hand problem stopped production.

Due to the popularity of the Lemon Extra Marmalade and Raspberry & Melon Jam we decided to enter them into the Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Awards and each product was awarded a proven Gold Star. Due to a misunderstanding of marmalade naming as set out by the jam regulations you will now see the Lemon Extra Marmalade labelled as Lemon Marmalade.  We can assure you that it’s the same great product and still only contains lemon and sugar. Again, Maximum taste – minimum ingredients!

A big hit with the locals here in Gower is our Courgette Chutney. It fools you into thinking it’s a sweet apple flavour and then gives you a chilli kick!  This recipe is based on a local recipe give to me by a lady who is now into her 90’s and remembers making it as a child with her mother.  That means her base recipe is over 100 years old! Some things are just as good as they were back in the day.

You really need to try this one – we’ll let you know when we’ll be at the next market with samples for you to try!